Broken yet fixed

Lost yet found.
Empty yet full.
Broken Yet fixed.
Hurt yet Healed.
Death yet life,
Everything in imperfection is perfect.

The broken butterfly

Clip wing she flew, crashed only to land where she needed to heal.
Healing felt like she was breaking every piece of who she was. Layer after layer, unmasking parts of her only to find that what she held was other’s opinions of who she needed to be. Each layer showed her a set of knowing who she is. The healed wing became the wing of a butterfly.

Dimmed Light

Balancing life isn’t always about putting the good before the bad. It is accepting both as one.

You will cross many people that will walk in and out of your life — some leaving you to bleed others that will heal you from past trauma.

Family, they are who they are, doesn’t mean you need to be part of a system that doesn’t serve your higher self. Life within itself has this limit that we put on ourselves. The need to want to control, the need wanting to be a positive impact on other’s lives or the need to simply be.

Being is just being not much more to it. A tree doesn’t need to show that it’s a tree.

To be enlightened doesn’t mean that you hold all the answers, you see a different world. It’s not always the real world. You don’t need always to be a positive light. Sometimes you will need to dim that light from within only to protect yourself.

Wasted Time

We get lost in the clutter of the world, forgetting that the beauty lives within us all. We come from nowhere to end up going back to the same place where we first started. Lack of expression leaves us with this built-up dead ball of enegery, leaving us to feel a sense of not belonging in a world built for us.

The heart will break, the mind will numb; the body will feel.

Maybe One Day

Maybe one day we’ll unearth each other in the stars like when we first met, maybe one day the blast from the past will create our future as the present unveils itself. Maybe one day, that heart will open again. Until then, only can allow this universe to guide us in seeing where the magic is.

Energy in Motion

“Energy in motion or better yet emotion.”
The feeling is Numbness from pushing everyone away, creating a barrier around my soul.

I grew out my hair for about year, ended up cutting today. Usually, around November, I like to reset. Start back from scratch. There is this feeling that I typically feel right in the middle of my lungs and stomach this trapped feeling that I can’t express out. I know that someday I will be happy; I know eventually I will make it.
I am drawing blank empty. Some say never show people weakness because if you do, they will be turned off by you. They are thinking that you are not capable of being stable.

Numb. That is the feeling right now. It feels worse than the chemo killing cancer because this is cancer-treating cancer. We need to learn how to accept and understand one another with actions and with words. They say that actions speak louder than words. Well, words are the roots of one action. People try to be something that they are not. People try fitting into circles they don’t belong in; you start losing a sense of who they are. In losing a sense of who you are, you will get lost in a world that is here to give you answers to your wanted questions.

Never confine in people that treat hurt as hurt or have a vindictive personality. The ones that do stuff out of spite because they will end up doing the same to you when your relationship goes sour. I look for connections from people, trying to allow people into my life. They always seem to disappoint me. Maybe I disappoint myself in wanting more for me. I am far from perfect. I have my flaws, I do shit out of spite at times, but at least I am honest with myself in understanding the patterns that lead up to my actions. There is no right or wrong way to go about things. It’s always going to be your approach to your reaction to somebody else energy.

People claim they are a believer in god or believer in the universe but only do that to cover up this false idea of not understanding nothing matter.

The only thing that matters in this vast space is that there is a sense of humanity. Learning how to love is hard when others have zero lack of understanding and only understand the self.

When you start to accept anything less than what you give, you lower yourself to that person’s level.