teenage fever

8 years ago, we were children. Young teens with dreams, where love was strong and nothing else mattered. We lived for the moment and thought we were immortal. Anastasiya Guzchenko the perfectionist in her own eyes and in mine, the girl that tackles her dreams with respect, the girl that once wanted to become a... Continue Reading →

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Love isn’t painful 

Dear Ana, the young girl I once knew that has turned into a woman. My angel sent down to earth personally from God, to protect a broken fragile soul. Anastasiya Guzchenko, this time I say your name in full not because I'm mad but because I'm grateful. I got to see you smile, cry, and... Continue Reading →


What a weekend; feeling things that I never felt before, met people that have touched me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. What did I learn from it all? I learned how to stop being the victim to my own story. I learned how to embrace me for me and understand the... Continue Reading →


Each day, you become a new you, don't let yesterday, define today and let today, define tomorrow. I have no idea where to start... I was diagnosed with cancer at a really young age, twenty-five years young. This was the time where I was starting a life for myself and living not only for myself,... Continue Reading →

You choice death once 

Death comes when you die both mentally and physically. A lot of us died already; we died because we allowed our minds to die. Why sit here thinking we are any better than what we set our lives out to be. Sit there and complain about the endless deaths that are happening, or laugh about... Continue Reading →


Her heart is full of dreams and adventures & within this girl that is so scared to not be perfect, reality is trying to be perfect at everything will ALWAYS bring you to failure. I love her though & if she wasn't perfect, I would've died. At one point of my treatment, the doctors wanted... Continue Reading →

You’r never alone (repost)

Today I felt alone, I felt like a loner. I never felt that way in my life. I always loved talking to people and being the center of attention. I was either the first person with the newest phone or shoes or just new anything so that I could master it and now what is... Continue Reading →

Last call !!

Hey guys, I have had the privilege of sharing my ideas with all of you wonderful souls. My name is Mouhamad Beydoun, a cancer survivor. I'm not perfect because who is, and the person that tells you they are ... RUN! Anyways, this is my last battle with cancer, something I've been trying to forget... Continue Reading →

My Nurses

They watched me shed tears. The first people I met when cancer was first introduced to me and my world. They saw a side of me that even I was scared of but these are lovely nurses & one of them was a fairly new one that just became a nurse during my treatment. Her... Continue Reading →


Society tends to label people. It tends to label people by color, skin, race, sexual orientation, sickness, status... I can go on for days on what society can label people as. Today my fiance and I had a talk- she said something really intelligent. What's the point of overworking yourself to a point of sickness,... Continue Reading →

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